John W.Schaum Piano Course - 1e pianoboek 2e hands

John W.Schaum Piano Course - 1e pianoboek 2e hands Staat: Goed CONTENTS Foreword to Teachers      2Foreword to Parents      2SECTION I: FUNDAMENTALSHow the Fingers are Numbered     4How to Touch the Keys     5Finger-Number Melodies      6How the Keys are Named      7Letter-Name Melodies      9Flo ...Lees meer
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John W.Schaum Piano Course - 1e pianoboek 2e hands

Staat: Goed


Foreword to Teachers      2
Foreword to Parents      2
How the Fingers are Numbered     4
How to Touch the Keys     5
Finger-Number Melodies      6
How the Keys are Named      7
Letter-Name Melodies      9
Flow Music is Written      10
Notation Melodies (note)      11
Right Hand Position (C, D, E)—"The Speed Boat"     12
Left Hand Position (A, B, C)—"The Typewriter"     13
Alternating Hands—"Bone Sweet Bone".     14
3/4 Rhythm—dotted half note—"Oscar the Octopus"     15
Four Notes Up and Four Notes Down—
"Deep Sea Diving"      16
Changing Hands within a Measure—
"Old MacDonald"      17
New Note G in Right Hand—"Ice Cream Cone"     18
Five Notes Up and Five Notes Down—
"Mr. Frog Is Full of Hops"      19
Natural Accents—"The Wind-Sock"      20
Introducing 2/4 Time—"Porcupines"      21
    Presenting Rests— "Chief Eagle-Puss"   22
Omitting Finger Numbers—"Gooseberry Goose"     23
Left-Hand Crossing Over—"Funny Bunny"     24
Eighth Notes—"The Happy Halibut"      25
C and G below Middle C—"Submarine"     26
The Sharp Sign—"The Dragon"      27
Key of G (F Sharp in Signature)—
"Myrtle the Turtle"      28
Leger Note D in Left Hand—"Steam Shovel"     29.
Combining Hands—"The Eagle"     30
The Tie—"The Circus"      31
Starting on Third Count in 4/4 Time—
" Three Lilde Pigs"     32
New Hand Position in Left Hand—"Donkey Party"     33
New Right Hand Position—"Watchman's Song"     34
Another New Right Hand Group—"Hot Dog Stand"     35
The Flat Sign "Wren and the Swan"     36
Key of F (B Flat in Signature)—"The dir-Liner"     37
Leger Note B in Right Hand—"Pretty Polly"     38
Accidentals (Sharp, Flat and Natural)—"Eskimo Boy" 39
Octave Higher Sign—"Lightning Ranger"      40
Staccato—"The Detective"      41
Chords in Right Hand—"Af onkey Business"      42
Chords in Left Hand—"Streamline Express"     43
Certificate of Promotion      45


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